Natasha Giggs has probably long realised the extent of the damage she's done by cheating on her husband RHODRI GIGGS with his footballing brother Ryan, but though she's keen for forgiveness and a chance to move on, it seems that those in the general public aren't quite so quick to forget and, in what's been a terrifying latest episode in Natasha's ongoing ordeal, she's now living in fear after receiving a number of death threats over Twitter, with one specific stalker repeatedly threatening the estranged wife.
The UK's Daily Star newspaper have reported that local police near to where Giggs lives, Greater Manchester, have been so concerned by the repeated threats over Twitter - which have seen her threatened with mutilation and murder - that they contacted her over the microblogging site themselves to say "Hi, several people have tweeted us saying you've had threatening tweets. We recommend u report it on 101 or 999 if emergency."
Giggs sounded terrified in a Tweet that followed the barrage of abuse - which even saw the stalker claim he wouldn't be caught if he did kill her - saying "WTF is this for real?? Little disturbed at that. There are some seriously mentally deranged smackrats on Twitter." A spokesperson for the recent 'Celebrity Big Brother UK' contestant said "She is terrified. She has absolutely no idea who this could be. It is so sinister.'' Police are currently trying to track down the stalker, whose Twitter handle is @jersey_justin.