British pop star Natasha Bedingfield has made a public plea to British rugby player JONNY WILKINSON - asking him to be her date this Valentine's day (14FEB05).

The SINGLE singer complains she never receives Valentine's cards, but she hopes this year (05) she will be romanced by the hunky sports star, because he is everything she looks for in a man.

Bedingfield says, ""I met Jonny Wilkinson and he's pretty cool, very good-looking and cute. And I'm looking for a guy who can keep up with me when I run. I don't mean that just literally.

"I think most of the girls in England are happy now that Jonny is single. The trouble is it makes me less willing to settle for second best because I know these types of guys can exist - men who are very romantic, loving and unselfish.

"I didn't get any Valentine's cards last year - only from friends and family. I've not had many Valentine cards before. I hope it changes this year."

09/02/2005 14:07