British singer Natasha Bedingfield is begging Kirsten Dunst's former tennis coach Pat Cash to give her lessons.
The one-time Wimbledon champion coached the Spider-Man actress to prepare for her role in 2004's Wimbledon movie, alongside Paul Bettany, and now Bedingfield wants to follow Dunst's lead by asking Cash to serve up some private lessons, so she can improve her game.
The singer met Cash at an event earlier this week (beg15Jun09) when he approached her and asked for an autograph for his teenage sons - and she used the moment to ask the tennis ace for a few lessons.
She says, "Imagine (that). I'd love it. I could have some girlfriends over and we could do it together."
And Cash adds, "My sons keep me so busy, but they are fans. So I'm sure we can get together over the summer and sort something out."