British singer Natasha Bedingfield has slammed the media and the public for their morbid fascination with the private lives of troubled stars such as Amy Winehouse.
The These Words hitmaker, 26, believes the public has an unhealthy obsession with stars who use drugs because of the possibility these celebrities will self-destruct under the media spotlight.
And the star has vowed she will never appear in celebrity magazines intoxicated - claiming she is an avid anti-drugs campaigner after growing up surrounded by substance
She says, "We've had a lot of artists taking drugs recently and people have been very excited by that. People have a certain nostalgia for the Jimi Hendrix days. And there is a circus mentality going on where people want to watch stars mess up their lives.
"They are drug addicts - it's not right to point the finger and laugh at someone who is not well. People can be vultures.
"I am so glad Amy got a Grammy, because it's so good to have that support. The reason I've never done drugs is that I grew up with a lot of drug addicts."