LATEST: British pop star Natasha Bedingfield has slammed reports she performed at the Concert For Diana earlier this month (Jul07) without wearing any underwear. The Unwritten star was alleged to have told the crowd at the tribute event for late British royal, Diana, Princess of Wales, "I've got nothing on underneath this dress!" But Bedingfield insists her choice of outfit - a mini-dress - and her proximity to the crowd below proves she wasn't without underwear at the gig. Posting on her website, she writes, "Ok let's set the record straight! Anyone who believed the rumour that I wore no knickers at the Diana gig needs to go and look at the meaning of the word gullible in the dictionary and apply it to themselves. "Think about it... I wore a mini dress.. The cameras and audience were directly below where I was standing and it was windy... that's just asking for trouble at best or intentionally staging a sensational story at worst. I'm not about to expose myself to 500,000,000 viewers and Princes (William and Harry)."