Pop newcomer Natasha Bedingfield inadvertently brought the London Underground train network to a standstill before her debut gig on Tuesday night (06JUL04) - when her clothes sparked a terrorist bomb scare.

The SINGLE star's stylist forced a section of the District Line to close for 20 minutes when she accidentally left Bedingfield's stage outfits - for her gig at the British capital's SCALA venue - on a carriage.

Security officers whisked the unattended bag away for investigation in the fear it contained explosives.

A source says, "Her stylist was rushing to be on time for the gig and left a large bag of her clothes on the train when she got off.

"By the time she'd realised and rushed back, there were delays being announced due to a suspect package. She fled and cobbled together a stage outfit with what she could lay her hands on before the shops shut.

"Natasha was obviously really upset about losing all her clothes."

08/07/2004 02:22