Actress Natascha McElhone has given an emotional interview about the sudden death of her husband MARTIN KELLY - revealing the tragedy left her "utterly grief-stricken, bereft and devastated."Plastic surgeon Kelly died from a heart attack after being found slumped on the doorstep of the couple's London home in May last year (08).
MCElhone gave birth to their third son, Rex, five months later.
And the Californication star admits the baby boy has been vital in helping her cope with the loss.
She says, "Everyone's been saying 'I don't know how you can manage on your own, with the baby' but it's because of that, in a funny way, it's been manageable. You can't hole up and not get out of bed."
And MCElhone is determined to overcome her grief - because she believes she has no right to be sad.
She adds, "I'm really OK, through necessity, I think. Do you know, I'm just terribly grateful for everything I have. I don't think I have any right to feel miserable all the time. I don't know why, it's just happened to me that, aside from feeling utterly grief-stricken and bereft and devastated, the chinks and shards of light that shine through are so strong and so buoyant I can't ignore them. Thank God for that. I don't know why that is - that they're so bright that they reach me. Thus far, anyway."