Police who've reopened the case of the death of actress Natalie Wood have said that there've been no firm conclusions to come of the new investigation, which is taking place over 30 years after she died on November 28th 1981 whilst on a yachting holiday with her husband Robert Wagner and 'Brainstorm' co-star Christopher Walken.
The Los Angeles Times reports that the re-opening of the case, originally assumed as an accidental death with Wood toppling over board, was seen as strange by many, its timing oddly coinciding with a '48 Hours Mystery' television segment on the case produced in partnership with Vanity Fair Magazine. However the police claimed that there had been several new sources who'd come forward with new light on the subject.
The only original subject of contention surrounding the initial case was an argument that had apparently happened between the three whilst on the yacht. However both Walken and Wagner had claimed that she'd calmed down since that incident and they'd only realised she'd gone missing as Wagner went to bed later on in the evening. With the investigation re-open, the ship's captain Dennis Davern has been telling all and sundry on television that he is sceptical about the events that occurred that day. Ultimately though? "At this point, it is an accidental death," said William MCSweeney, the sheriff's chief of detectives. "Nothing has been discovered to suggest changing that at this time."