Lawmakers in Los Angeles have filed the death of movie star Natalie Wood as a cold case after failing to come up with any new leads during an investigation into the actress' 1981 drowning death.
The case was re-opened late last year (11) after detectives received new information about the night the West Side Story star fell overboard from her husband Robert Wagner's yacht and drowned in the frigid waters off the coast of California.
Her death was ruled an accident at the time but Wood's sister Lana demanded the case be re-opened, insisting modern crime-solving technology would help unravel the mystery once and for all - and detectives agreed in November (11).
But, despite new recollections from the boat's captain and other sailors who claim to have heard Wood's desperate cries for help in the darkness, the case has been filed away again, but not closed.
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore said the investigation into the late actress’ death was prompted by new information in Marti Rulli’s book, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour.
Whitmore tells news show Access Hollywood the reopening of the case was "a one day deal", driven by book publicity.