Stars including Natalie Portman, Jude Law and Julianne Moore have had their privacy compromised after a British man bought a cellphone containing all of their personal details.
Kent Devey recently purchased a Blackberry phone on internet auction website eBay, but found the device still contained the previous owner's address book - including contact numbers for a list of Hollywood stars, various movie producer and writers.
Devey, from Oldbury, England, didn't believe the numbers were real until he dialled the digits listed for British actress Julie Walters, and heard her personal answer machine message.
He says, "As I started to look through the phone's features, I noticed one of the emails hadn't been wiped off. I started to recognise some of the names and then I saw Jude Law's number. It's a genuine mistake."
The 28-year-old subsequently discovered the phone belonged to an associate producer for Stephen Daldry Pictures and has now contacted the company to have the phone returned.
A spokesperson for Daldry's Working Title film company confirmed Devey had been in touch and announced they will be rewarding him for his honesty: "We're grateful he will be returning the phone to us. We will be offering him a replacement Blackberry and some free tickets to see the Billy Elliot stage show."