Screen siren Natalie Portman was sad to turn her back on action sequences in the final Star Wars movie EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH, because her character PADME AMIDALA is pregnant with ANAKIN SKYWALKER's twins.

The Garden State beauty accepted the challenge of seeing out her sci-fi role by sporting a strap-on bump to simulate Padme's different stages of pregnancy.

Despite her regret at having to take a more pedestrian role, Portman is aware action sequences featuring a pregnant woman would have upset lots of viewers.

The 23-year-old tells EMPIRE magazine, "There's definitely a lot less action for me. It would be kind of ridiculous to have a pregnant woman doing that. Not to mention unethical."

On her prosthetic attachment, Portman adds, "There were a couple of different sizes. I think they made the bump to my measurements, but I didn't have to have, like, a cast made of my stomach.

"They made it for my proportions, because having a six-foot girl's bump would have looked kind of ridiculous on me."

18/05/2005 21:34