STAR WARS star Natalie Portman is getting involved in politics because she wants to make voting more sexy.

The actress was a regular at the recent Democratic conference in Boston, Massachusetts, and has become one of many celebrities backing presidential wannabe John Kerry.

She admits she got involved with the race to the White House after learning that young American women aren't voting. She says, "It's the smallest per centage of voters and I feel like we need to make voting sexier. It's like a unique right.

"If you look at the population of China and think that those billions of people - none of them have the right to vote.

"In Holland, everyone takes advantage of the right to smoke weed and in (Las) Vegas everyone takes advantage of the right to gamble and here we have this unique right in the world."

Portman admits she knows voting in a new president won't change America overnight, but it's important for people to use their voices.

She adds, "It doesn't change your life drastically from president to president - we don't feel the changes. But this election is a big one - we're in a war."

08/08/2004 13:58