Actress Natalie Portman was so nervous at the Oscars when she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress she wet herself.

The STAR WARS star was shocked when her portrayal of a stripper in CLOSER was shortlisted for an Academy Award, but had no idea she'd be so petrified as the nominees were read out on the big night.

She explains, "I think I peed myself a little bit. I kept thinking, I don't want to go up, I don't want to have to stand there onstage.

"Either you're going to have to talk in front of a gajillion people or you can just sit there."

Portman lost to Cate Blanchett and admits she was relieved she didn't have to tremble through her Oscar speech.

She adds, "The not winning part was a comfort. Maybe one day I'll get to a point where I'll enjoy hearing my name called."