Natalie Portman is hoping fans will be satisfied with the final Star Wars film - because it contains some "awesome" action.

Portman, who plays Queen PADME AMIDALA in the sci-fi prequel trilogy, admits she's not sure whether the last installment will be "worth it". Creator George Lucas has come under fire from disappointed fans who argue the new offerings do not match up to his classic original trilogy - but Portman insists the cast and crew have done their very best.

She says, "I saw a pretty amazing fight scene between Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen. It's pretty sick.

"They were thinking of having stuntmen do it, but they were better than the stuntmen. It's pretty awesome.

"Is it gonna be worth it? We just shot it and we worked really hard. I think all of us were trying to make it as good as possible.

"It was our last chance to sort of, you know, do something with it. So, I'm hoping. But they work on it for two years after we finish shooting, putting on the special effects and all that stuff."

06/01/2004 17:55