Filming on Hollywood beauty Natalie Portman's new independent movie GARDEN STATE was held up for several hours - when the crew discovered a pile of faeces in the on-set bath.

According to the Star Wars: THE ATTACK OF THE CLONES actress, the entire crew were shooting in a civilian house in New Jersey when one anonymous person defecated in the woman's bath. And, consequently, the cameras stopped rolling while the unseemly matter was removed.

Portman says, "The worst thing was when we were shooting the pool scene. We shot it at this woman's house in New Jersey. They would only let us use this one bathroom downstairs, as they didn't want people going all over the house.

"But with a fifty-person crew or more using one bathroom, obviously by midnight, it was disgusting. And the woman was like, 'We are stopping shooting. There is doody in the bath!'

"I don't know the poor guy that had to get it out. I'm just glad it wasn't me that had to do it! We never did find out who actually did it but I was happy to rule myself out as a suspect!"

19/07/2004 13:19