Hollywood actress Natalie Portman understands her childhood in troubled Israel much better after filming new terrorist movie V For Vendetta.

The Star Wars beauty always struggled to understand what motivated Palestinian terrorists to commit atrocities - but she now realises it's impossible to reach definite answers.

She says, "I loved that it raised a lot of questions that have no answers. You could debate about them for the rest of your life and never come to a concrete conclusion.

"That's the best kind of questioning. Coming from a place like Israel where, my whole life growing up, violence and terrorism is part of your daily ideas and life, it's always been interesting for me to think - what does take it for a person to become violent to express their political beliefs?

"I just thought it was amazing the character can go from being afraid of being political because of her experience with her parents to becoming politicised and convinced that violence was a way to express your political ideals."