Natalie Portman could play 'Lois Lane' in a new Superman movie, should Darren Aronofsky land the job of directing the new film, reports The Metro. Aronofsky's most recent work includes 'The Wrestler', and the forthcoming 'Black Swan', but he is also in line to take charge of the new superhero movie.
29-year-old Portman would be cast as Clark Kent's love interest, the journalist 'Lois Lane', joining a long list of high-profile actresses who have previously tackled the role, including Kate Bosworth and Teri Hatcher. A source told the website Moviehole, "They wanted her (Portman) first time around, this time they can get her - with Darren. But who knows where that's at now. ...nothing on paper yet". Aronofksy and Portman recently teamed up for the thriller Black Swan, which sees the actress playing a New York ballet dancer intent on landing the lead role in a production of 'Swan Lake'.
The next Superman movie, provisionally titled 'The Man of Steel' has been written by David Goyer and will be produced by Christopher Nolan. Other directors in the running to get behind the camera include Tony Scott, Zack Snyder, Matt Reeves, and Jonathan Liebesman.