Natalie Portman, the American actress who last week scooped the 'Best Actress' prize at the 2011 GOLDEN GLOBES, has spoken about the gruelling training regime she had to endure to prepare for new movie 'Black Swan', reports Sky News. The actress' performance as a New York ballerina in Darren Aronofsky's psychological thriller has been critically acclaimed.
Portman trained with her fiance, the choreographer BENJAMIN MILLEPIED, for two months before filming began and had been working with a ballet teacher for over a year, she said, "We were doing, like, five hours a day of ballet training and swimming and toning just to get my body right and also start learning how to dance". The 29-year-old's performance as 'Nina', a dancer on the edge of sanity, is being heralded for its intensity and Portman is now the big favourite to win an OSCAR at the ceremony in February. Despite the plaudits, the actress says there is still a lack of interesting female roles in Hollywood, noting "There aren't a lot of female directors - it's very rare that a male director will make a movie that has a female psychology at the centre of it. That's the thing I hope for - that there's more female directors as we move forward".
Black Swan, which hit screens in the US on 17th December 2010, is released in the UK today (21st January 2011). The movie lost out to 'The Social Network' for the prize of 'Best Film' at Sunday's GOLDEN GLOBES.