Natalie Portman has "fake siblings".

The 'Black Swan' actress has no brothers or sisters of her own, which she believes is the reason why she has such a large group of friends, though she admits she doesn't always get quality time with her pals.

She said: "I have fake siblings - I always imagine that's why I have so many friends.

"In New York, I have probably 50 people that I'm very close to - so there's constant interaction, but I don't really see anyone regularly because it's 50 people."

Natalie recently moved to Los Angeles, and is surprised by how much she enjoys living there, though New York will always be her home.

She added in the January edition of America's Vogue magazine: "I'd always been really wary of Los Angeles then I realized I liked it. But everyone important to me for my entire life is in New York.

"In Los Angeles I have five friends, and I see them every day. It's the first time I've had really close girlfriends. Kate and Laura Mulleavy have schedules that are similar to mine, so we can go for a hike at noon, or to the museum in the middle of the day."