Natalie Portman'S new film 'Black Swan' premiered at the Venice Film Festival on 1st September 2010, and the movie's highest praise was reserved for the 29-year-old actress herself. MTV News reports that Portman's performance gained, "rapturous praise", and added that her role as a New York ballet dancer "immediately makes her a Best Actress Oscar front-runner.
History suggests that well-received films at the coveted Venice Film Festival often go on to taste OSCAR success. George Clooney'S 'Up in the Air' received six ACADEMY AWARD nominations after high praise in Italy last year, and Danny Boyle'S 'Slumdog Millionaire' went on to win the OSCAR for 'Best Picture' in 2008. Despite 'Black Swan' creating somewhat of a buzz in Hollywood, director Darren Aronofsky admits he still gets nervous at his film's premieres, telling MTV, "When The Wrestler showed at Venice the last time, I walked out in the middle. I couldn't handle it. I snuck back in the end. It was not a pleasant experience".
In Black Swan, Portman plays a ballerina who is set to take the lead role in her company's performance of 'Swan Lake', however, a rival dancer played by Mila Kunis shows up and Portman's character is driven toward madness.