The Hollywood actress and her co-star Joel Edgerton had been due to unveil the Western in Paris on 16 November (16), but the premiere was called off after a series of devastating gun and bomb attacks in the French capital on 13 November (15).

The film's release in France was also axed along with the cast's promotional appearances.

However, Natalie returned to the city on Sunday to finally debut Jane Got a Gun, and she was joined on the red carpet by Joel, who recently declared he fought hard to make the movie despite a series of production problems.

"I bled for that movie, I swear to God, emotionally," he told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper. "Even if it means me carrying a print around the country. Because I was trying to bail out situations in my life while I was bailing water out of that boat.

"Thankfully I was playing an alcoholic cowboy, because I really almost became that. I wasn't looking after myself very well, and we were just struggling to keep that movie afloat. And we did it! It's going to be seen."

Joel even compared the drama to Terry Gilliam's notoriously troubled movie adaptation of Don Quixote, which stalled numerous times due to a series of disasters, including a shoot with Johnny Depp in 2000 which was marred by flooding and financial problems.

The troubled movie, which has spent 20 years in production, even inspired a 2002 documentary titled Lost in La Mancha.

"I want to read a book about the experience of making it (Jane Got a Gun), or see a documentary..." Joel added. "(Don Quixote) is just such a tragedy. At least, in our one, there wouldn't just be a documentary. There's also an actual movie."

Jane Got a Gun has been dogged by troubles since its inception, with actors including Michael Fassbender, Jude Law, and Bradley Cooper dropping out, and director Lynn Ramsay exiting on the eve of filming.

The release date was also pushed back several times due to the dramas, which included the studio behind the film filing for bankruptcy, before it was axed again following the Paris terror attacks.