DIXIE CHICKS star Natalie Maines is attacking George W Bush again, insisting the American President has got to stop killing innocent people overseas.

The country singer was caught up in a media fracas last year (03) when she criticised the President during a show in London and she confessed she was "ashamed" of the fact Bush hailed from her home state of Texas.

Maines later made a tearful apology on American TV after many Bush supporters, who were also fans of her group, boycotted shows and staged record-burning ceremonies.

But now the WITHOUT YOU singer is on the attack again, as part of a politically-fuelled article in the new issue of ROLLING STONE magazine.

She says, "Bush took us into war for his own personal vendetta and for the personal gain of his cronies in the oil business.

"Yes, there was an evil man in power in Iraq, but now we're killing innocent people.

"If the media showed us the deaths of women and children being hit by our bombs, people would be outraged.

"I want the killing to stop. I want our soldiers to come home."

Maines will get more opportunities to vent her feelings about Bush and the governing Republican Party when the Dixie Chicks join the likes of REM, BRUCE Springsteen and Pearl Jam on the VOTE FOR CHANGE tour.

29/09/2004 02:41