DIXIE CHICKS star Natalie Maines fuelled her personal battle with country rival Toby Keith at Wednesday night's (21MAY03) AMERICAN COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS.

The singer wore a T-shirt with 'FUTK' scrawled on it, prompting many to think this was the latest blast in her battle with Keith, who has been vocally criticising the Chicks for their anti-GEORGE BUSH stance during the Iraqi conflict.

Even country singer Vince Gill got the joke when he announced that Keith was the winner of the Entertainer of The Year prize: "I think his name's on somebody's shirt."

But Keith, who won only one of the eight awards he was nominated for, had already left the site of the awards.

Maines and Keith began their war of words last year (02) when she lashed out at his patriotic hit COURTESY OF THE RED, WHITE + Blue (THE ANGRY AMERICAN), calling it "ignorant".

Keith fired back by calling Maines a "big mouth."

23/05/2003 19:38