DIXIE CHICKS star MARTIE MAGUIRE and her husband GARETH have become proud parents of twin girls.

EVA RUTH and KATHLEEN EMILIE were born on 27 April (04). Eva Ruth arrived at 8:05am and weighed 5 pounds and 13 ounces (2.64 kilograms), while Kathleen Emilie was born about three minutes later at 6 pounds and 1 ounce (2.75 kilograms). Both were 19 inches long (21.5 centimetres).

No other details have been released.

Maguire, 34, is the fiddle and mandolin player in the group, while her husband is a teacher.

A photograph of the babies was posted on the Dixie Chicks' website with the comment, "Does this mean there might now be a second generation of Dixie Chicks in the making? Perhaps it's no coincidence that there is a long tradition of twin fiddles in music."

The Texas-based trio's other members - Natalie Maines and EMILY ROBISON - also have children. Robison and Maguire are sisters.

05/05/2004 09:28