Singer/actress Natalie Imbruglia plucked up the courage to strip off for her racy new promo - after auditioning for NEIGHBOURS as a teenager scared her off baring all onscreen.
The Aussie beauty found fame in the country's leading soap opera when she was just 17, and later launched a successful singing career.
She spent years shunning the skimpy outfits often sported by other young female stars - because stripping down to a bikini for her Neighbours tryout left her with a lifelong fear of disrobing for the cameras.
Now she has finally overcome her anxiety - and admits she loves the ultra-sexy image she showcases in the video for her new single Want.
She tells U.K. TV show This Morning, "It's a bit racy. I have never done it before. I'm 34 and I'm more confident in myself and I have always believed that you should do these things if you want to but not if you're forced to.
"Early on in my career, when I auditioned for Neighbours, they made me parade up and down in a bikini so I think I went the other way - 'I'm not doing any of that'. I just feel in a different place now and it's on my terms. I'm feeling quite cool with it. And it's classy!"