Natalie Imbruglia nearly cried when she heard the song Chris Martin had written for her.

The 'Torn' hitmaker admits she was overcome with emotion when she first heard 'Fun', a track penned by the Coldplay frontman which appears on her forthcoming album 'Come To Life'.

She said: "I feel very lucky to have it. When I went into the studio and he said, 'I've finished the song', and he sang it to me, I nearly did one of those ugly cries because it's so beautiful.

"It's really simple and not overdone but kind of awesome at the same time. It's really big, lots of strings. There's just something so emotive that I think is really stunning."

Although Natalie is delighted with the finished track, she admitted the call from Chris almost came too late for her album as she was ready to release it before he contacted her.

She added to BBC 6 Music: "That was an opportunity that was too good to refuse. So I went back in the studio.

"I had to get rid of some songs and re-jig the track-listing but he was really, really helpful with all of that and brutally honest with me which was great."