Natalie Imbruglia has enlisted the help of her ex-husband Daniel Johns for her forthcoming album.

The Aussie songstress married the Silverchair frontman in 2003, but the pair split last year citing career pressures.

However, Johns receives songwriting credits on the singer's fourth album COME TO LIFE, which is scheduled for release later this year.

Imbruglia said she is very happy with her former husband's input on the record, calling it "beautiful".

"In fact one of the parts he wrote in one of the songs is my favourite two notes on the whole album."

She added: "It sounds really weird but they run through the whole song, and it makes the whole song for me. [He's a] very clever boy.''

The singer has recently dismissed reports that she is dating Prince Harry after he attended her 34th birthday party.

"He was at my party, that's it. I met him for about two seconds," she told the Sun.

04/03/2009 11:55:44