Natalie Imbruglia's music career has been salvaged by an off-shoot of BMG records, after she was recently dropped by another BMG imprint.

RCA parted company with the TORN singer, reportedly because she was reluctant to follow their desire to give her a more pop sound, with an accompanying sexy image.

However, record bosses HUGH GOLDSMITH and JEREMY MARSH have just signed the Australian model to their new label, which is also funded by BMG.

A source says, "Nat's really a rock chick. But RCA wanted her to be poptastic and appeal to the younger side of the market while being like KYLIE MINOGUE.

"She's very head-strong and luckily Hugh and Jeremy came to the rescue. They know she's a huge talent and want to work with Natalie and her ideas."

19/05/2004 09:36