Australian singer and actress Natalie Imbruglia hated her appearance so much during her teen years, she came dangerously close to harming herself.

The TORN singer, who later became a model for cosmetic giant L'OREAL, had a negative image of her physique and would constantly berate herself over her body.

Imbruglia, 30, says, "Everyone finds something about themselves to hate. With me, it's my body, it's something to focus on.

"I wasn't anorexic. I had my periods of not being nice to myself, but I was never hospitalised.

"It was more of a mental thing, it was the thoughts that were damaging. Instead of embracing things, you constantly find another way to pick on yourself.

"Now I've turned it into a healthy obsession. I train, I try to eat well. I've taken something that maybe in my teenage years was quite a dark thing and made it into a positive."

22/02/2005 17:57