Natalie Imbruglia credits her contract with hair care giants L'OREAL with maintaining her profile in America.

The sexy Australian singer has long been a household name in Europe and Australasia - thanks to past success in TV soap NEIGHBOURS and in the music charts - but has struggled to sell records stateside since the release of her debut album LEFT OF THE MIDDLE in 1998.

However, Imbruglia is confident her upcoming LP COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS will leap up the US charts when record buyers realise she's the star of the famous "Because I'm worth it" L'Oreal adverts.

She says, "It's really good for my profile, especially in the States. My first record did really well there, the second one not so well.

"It's very easy for people in America to forget who you are. L'Oreal's been great and I'm really grateful for it. It's a good gig really."

28/02/2005 10:27