Australian pop star Natalie Imbruglia has hailed her marriage to Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns for saving her singing career.

The sexy singer, 30, was on the verge of quitting her pop career last year (04) after facing a confidence crisis.

But the love from her rocker husband - who she married in December 2003 - kept her going, and has a huge presence on her new album COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS.

She says, "Daniel was in the forefront of my mind during the recording sessions. The songs are evidence of how happy I've been.

"When you start working as young as I did you can become wed to your job. When I got married all of that melted away and going to work is just what I do... I can enjoy it more.

"I think I'm a romantic person. I'm an idealist.

"When you're in a long distance relationship and writing songs who tend to write autobiography.

"So it's impossible - and wrong - to separate the two. There's a running theme of longing on the record and for that my relationship with Daniel comes into play."

06/03/2005 21:19