A GEORGE MICHAEL fan discovered the singer slumped against the steering wheel of his car five months ago (OCT05) - in an almost identical state to that prior to his arrest at the weekend (26FEB06).

Natalie Griffith and her boyfriend noticed his Range Rover car, parked in the middle of road with music blaring, in north London in the early hours of an autumn morning.

They opened the car door to find the FAITH singer apparently unconscious at the wheel.

Griffith says, "It was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. The Range Rover had stopped in the middle of the street with the engine running.

"The driver seemed to be slumped over, like he was reading.

"I got a total shock when we saw it was George. He had an unlit roll-up in his mouth, which looked like a spliff.

"It was like he stopped in the middle of the street to do something - maybe it was to roll the spliff - and then collapsed.

"We were there for about 15 minutes trying to wake him up. I leaned over to smell his breath but he didn't smell of booze.

"We got so worried because we couldn't wake him up that we called the police, but they couldn't wake him either."

Michael was eventually revived and Griffith was told to go home by the officers.

She decided to come forward with her story after learning of the popstar's repeat performance on Sunday morning (26FEB06), when he was again discovered slumped at the wheel of his car close to London's Hyde Park Corner by a passer-by.

On this occasion two packets containing cannabis were allegedly found in Michael's car. He was arrested but has since been released on bail.