Natalie Duncan's debut album was inspired by a mix of Aretha Franklin Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

The 23-year-old Nottingham native says 'Devil In Me' is ''inconsistent'' with its soul, classical and jazz infused compositions but explains there is a pattern to it.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''My music has a few different styles. I've been described as not being soul but having a soulful voice which I think is true.

''There a few songs on the album that are leaning towards folk, like 'Songbird'; then there's 'Lonely Child', which has quite a gospel vibe to it.

''There's also a song called 'Pick Me Up Bar', which is a bit dub step-y. The style of my album is inconsistent but consistent in that my voice ties it all together.''

The album was produced by Grammy-winner Joe Henry and Natalie still can't believe she got to work with the music legend.

She said: ''I was like a child in a sweet shop! I still can't believe it happened; meeting such a celebrity was crazy!

''Just listening to him and his band, who are all renowned, respected precision players, it was so enjoyable, as well as being an incredible learning curve.

''I left feeling hungry to make more music. I want to learn how to arrange, produce, I want to do all of it! It was really exciting.''

'Devil In Me' will be released on July 16 through Verve. For more information go to Natalie's Facebook page at: