Natalie Cole received a shock call on U.S. TV on Tuesday (31Mar09) night, when legendary singer Smokey Robinson phoned the Larry King show to offer his support to the star.
Cole was on the talk show detailing her fight against the Hepatitis C virus when the host announced he had a surprise caller on the line.
And the singer couldn't hide her happiness at Robinson's uplifting message.
Robinson said, "Natalie's my baby. I wanted to call in and tell you that Francis and I are praying for you. Everything's going to be all right. Everything's really going to be all right. I heard that you were going to be on the show today. I said, let me call in and tell my baby is everything is going to be fine."
When asked by King how he thought Cole had handled her health problems, Robinson declared, "Natalie's a trooper. Natalie's a trooper in every aspect of life. I mean, so she's just a trooper. And she handles everything. So I know she is going to handle this perfectly, because that's who she is. She's always been that way."