Natalie Cole has given rapper Nas her blessing to sample her father Nat King Cole's standard UNFORGETTABLE by appearing in the video accompanying his new track. Nas uses the smooth 1950s hit in his new tune CAN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU, and was stunned when his hero's daughter agreed to appear in the promo, which features the rapper cruising around New York in a triple-decker bus, wearing a tuxedo. Natalie Cole says, "I hadn't heard the song, but I'd heard of Nas, and I thought it was cool. "I knew we had already given the licence for the use of Unforgettable. I think it's great every time I see the hip-hop world reaching back and getting great vintage stuff." Nas invited Cole to join him in the video because he's a fan of the magical duet she recorded over her father's Unforgettable hit in 1991. He tells MTV News, "Nobody could forget what she did with the record, her and her father... That was one of the most major moments in music. "I'm not blood related, but I'm musically related, and I guess I'm the child of their generation and I'm bridging the gap from Nat King Cole to Natalie Cole to Nas King Cole, and we're going to make it one family all over again."