Natalie Cole has received numerous emails from fans offering to donate their kidneys after she revealed on television she required a transplant.

The 59-year-old - daughter of Nat King Cole - has been treated for hepatitis C and is likely to require a life of dialysis.

But while appearing on Larry King Live, the singer was presented with several emails from well-wishers offering to donate their organs to help Cole.

"These are all e-mails from dozens of people offering to be tested to see if they can match, who want to give you a kidney," said King on CNN.

Grammy-winning Cole appeared stunned and replied: "I always felt that it was just so strange to solicit to strangers for a kidney.

"But people are really great. There are some great human beings out there. That's all I can say."

The offers from fans could prove vital to Cole after efforts to find an organ donor within her own family were unsuccessful.

However, she told King her health was "not a life and death situation" and said she would attempt to delay the operation until the end of this year should a donor be found.

Cole, who won her tenth Grammy award this year, hit the number one spot with her debut album Inseparable in 1975 and has reached the US top 20 in every subsequent decade.

She believes her hepatitis C diagnosis is caused by her former battles with addiction to heroin, LSD and cocaine.

01/04/2009 14:23:24