Natalie Cassidy has defended her decision to take back her ex-fiance Adam Cottrell, an alcoholic who was convicted of assaulting her. The former Eastenders star, who recently appeared in the Celebrity Big Brother house, says Adam is "not a horrible person".
Speaking on Itv1's This Morning show, the mother-of-one said Cottrell was on his final warning and has warned him that if he becomes violent again, "that would absolutely be it". The couple's relationship turned sour last year when he attacked her, and received a 120 hour community service order. The pair had planned to marry, but Cassidy called off the nuptials and took out a restraining order on the violent Cottrell. Natalie went into further detail about the attack, saying, "The arguments weren't only verbal - they became physical. It's been reported that in a verbal argument Adam decided to pick up a slipper and strike me with it". The turning point came when he went on a "36 hour bender" shortly before Christmas and made a tearful phone call to Cassidy, which she claims opened her eyes, saying, "He's not a horrible person. He's not well.He got some help and I was there as a friend and we just became stronger, and I thought 'we can beat this thing together".
This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield warned the actress that abuse can get worse over time, to which Natalie replied, "I can only talk about what went on in my house, and for me it was the drinking.I was never beaten black and blue"