Natalie Cassidy was given the unenviable task of breaking the ice in the new Celebrity Big Brother house last night, January 6th 2012, after being given the first secret mission of the series. Cassidy, the former 'Eastenders' actress, was the first to step through the doors to the house - later to be joined by a slew of famous and not-so-famous celebrities including actor Michael Madsen, disgraced 'X Factor UK' contestant Frankie Cocozza and former rugby international Gareth Thomas.
No sooner had Cassidy stepped inside the house however she was whisked away to the diary room by Big Brother and given a secret task. As the other housemates were arriving, she was given an ear piece and told that Big Brother would give her instructions on what to do to a particular housemate from time to time. Each time she didn't comply a housemate would lose their suitcase. So began the odd spectacle of Cassidy breaking the ice among the other stars by telling Madsen that she was a huge fan of his appearance in the film 'Free Willy' and attempting to kiss 18 year-old Frankie Cocozza on the lips.
However the task ended in failure for the star after she only managed to kiss him on the cheek as he exited the shower, she'd also miss-said a phrase she'd been told to tell Madsen. Cassidy had also been told to gather the housemates together for a pep talk which she did, before bursting into tears -as instructed.