LATEST: Ex-ALL SAINTS singer Natalie Appleton has lost the use of her right hand for 18 months, after slashing her wrist open on a champagne glass.

Natalie was play-wrestling in a Liverpool, England hotel room last month (26MAY03) with her APPLETON bandmate and sister NICOLE when she slipped and fell on the flute, and had to be rushed to hospital by Nicole and her partner, OASIS singer Liam Gallagher.

Now the DON'T WORRY singer has learnt the bloody accident will have serious long-term effects.

She says, "I'm in a lot of pain. Nerve pain is unique. I get what feels like electric bolts through my brain every 10 minutes.

"The nerve in my hand is dying. It will heal well in 18 months, but I won't be able to feel my fingers for at least a year.

"The hand is completely out of use. It's been a bad time. I have to live with the fact that people will see these bloody scars and think I tried to commit suicide.

"It's horrible. It was a stupid, stupid accident which makes me realise how vulnerable and mortal I am."

06/06/2003 13:36