Former ALL SAINT MELANIE BLATT has vowed never to speak to bandmates NICOLE and Natalie Appleton again - in the light of their tell-tale tome TOGETHER.

The Under The Bridge beauties had a spectacular falling out when the group disbanded in 2001 and Blatt is angry that the singing sisters felt the need to reignite old arguments in their autobiography.

And even though Blatt admits that both she and fellow star Shaznay Lewis were to blame for some of the animosity, she was horrified that Nic and Nat refused to accept their own culpability.

She says, "I was definitely at fault at certain times, and did and said some pretty bad things. Yet they're not big enough to admit they were in the wrong.

"That book obviously marked the end of our relationship in their eyes, and is definitely the end of it for me, too. It's upsetting not just for me but for all our families, who all used to be so close."

28/07/2003 02:38