Former ALL SAINTS singer Natalie Appleton has pleaded with her younger sister NICOLE to stay with her Oasis fiance LIAM GALLAGHER - reportedly to ensure they remain in the public eye.

The NEVER EVER star wants Nicole to work out troubles in her four-year relationship with Gallagher for the sake of their four-year-old son GENE.

But Natalie is also aware Nicole and Liam's high-profile partnership retains a media focus on APPLETON, the band she co-fronts with her sibling, reports British newspaper the DAILY STAR.

A source says, "Natalie is trying to get Nicole to get Liam back.

"Obviously she wants her to be happy, so that is part of her reasoning.

"But she is also aware the split could spell the end of any hopes of the girls' band Appleton every making it again.

"Liam is a huge star and Nat and Nic used to be. But since All Saints split up, and their two-piece band didn't really enjoy any long-term success, they have been getting frustrated because they like being famous so much."

23/09/2004 14:05