Former ALL SAINT singer Natalie Appleton is a recovering alcoholic and credits her newborn son with helping her gain sobriety.

The PURE SHORES hitmaker, 30, and her husband , Prodigy musician LIAM HOWLETT, welcomed their baby ACE into the world in March (04).

Appleton admits she was in denial of her addiction, until she became pregnant with Ace.

She explains, "I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, worrying about things.

"It was totally eating me up inside and I would drink to help myself, but that would make it much worse.

"I really didn't think I was an alcoholic because I didn't get up in the morning and start drinking, but I found I had to drink to manage.

"It brought out a very different person within me and made me highly irritable. But when I pregnant my mates noticed a big change in me because I didn't touch anything."

Appleton and her younger sister NICOLE were regulars on the celebrity party scene after the band split in 2001 and were regularly photographed stumbling drunk out of various London nightspots.

06/05/2004 13:47