Natalia Vodianova gets upset when she has to leave her family to go to work.

The stunning model has three children, Lucas, 10, Neva, six, and four-year-old Viktor, and she admits it's very hard to say goodbye to them when she has to fly all over the world because of her career.

She said: ''I'm in a constant state of bliss whenever I'm at home with my children. I'm sad when I have to leave them to go travelling for work, but they are so close now, they're like a little army.''

Natalia also admitted she used to get scared when travelling on her own, especially when it came to flying.

The 30-year-old beauty told Grazia magazine: ''When I first started travelling on my own, hotel rooms gave me the spooks, so I'd always have The Lights on. I sometimes have bad thoughts on flights, too. I think about death a lot, but it's a good thing to embrace. It makes you enjoy every moment.''