Natalia Vodianova hated seeing herself on film.

While the Russian supermodel is perfectly comfortable being plastered on billboards all around the world, she found it cringe-worthy watching her debut acting performance alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers in drama 'Belle du Seigneur'.

Natalia - who is dating Louis Vuitton's Antoine Arnault - also admits her divorce procedures with her ex Justin Portman affected her self-esteem at the time of filming.

Asked what she thought when she saw the movie for the first time, Natalia told France's Glamour magazine: ''I hated it... As a general rule, I'm very critical of myself and of others... The film was shot a long time ago [in 2011] and I've changed since, I'm a lot happier. When I was filming it, that wasn't really the case.''

The striking star is far more confident when it comes to modelling and claims she simply follows her instinct when it comes to taking a good photo and catching the light at the right angle.

Natalia, 31, explained: ''I've been doing this job for so long that I 'feel' the light, I know how to use it. I'm also very comfortable in front of the lens, even if there's a lot of people around me.''

The fashion muse - who was the third highest-paid model in the world in 2012 - admits to being confident in her own skin, and has said in the past she is most proud of her heavy brows.

She joked: ''[As a teenager], when my grandmother saw me plucking she said, 'Don't. You will regret it. One day you will wake up with no eyebrows and think how stupid you were. Your eyebrows are the most beautiful thing about you'.''