The owner of a Los Angeles dog daycare centre has declared war on actress Nastassja Kinski over an unpaid $2,600 (GBP1,370) bill.

KIMBERLY GARSED has attempted to personally serve Kinski with legal papers but when the CAT PEOPLE star refused to appear in a small claims court in Los Angeles on Monday (18APR05), the owner of URBAN DOG PLAYCARE decided to play hardball.

Outside court, she told US news show CELEBRITY JUSTICE, "She (Kinski) lives in a gated community so the sheriffs couldn't serve her. I tried service by mail and she refused it. We're going to hire someone to serve her professionally."

Garsed admits the legal action is tough for her because Kinski used to be a valued client.

A new date for the trial has been set for 21 May (05).

22/04/2005 02:56