Boffins at NASA have posted a detailed report online dismissing heightened fears the world will end on 21 December, 2012 - brought about by interest in John Cusack's new disaster movie.
The scientists have received so many requests for information about the stunning blockbuster, 2012, and the apocalypse it details, they have chosen to post their findings online, and send those concerned about the date to a new webpage.
In the film, Cusack and Amanda Peet race to avoid a series of end-of-the-world events, brought about by a rogue planet which crashes into Earth - but the NASA know-it-alls insist the film is pure fiction, and even the suggestion that it ties in with ancient Mayan lore is a myth.
NASA expert Dr. James Garvin says, "We see absolutely no scientific evidence, no sign of any doomsday gloom or anything coming in 2012.
"We're well aware of the kind of threats that the movie depicts but there's no possibility of those happening at the time.
"If there were a renegade planet approaching Earth, we would have known... The last time we were hit by anything big enough to have been detected was 65 million years ago."