Hip-hop star Nas has branded rappers Fat Joe, Cam'ron and 50 CENT "small-minded" for criticising his reconciliation with one-time love rival Jay-Z.

And he boasts the abuse he has received will only inspire him to greater things.

The hip-hop feud ignited when Nas' girlfriend, and the mother of his daughter, CARMEN BRYAN admitted to an affair with Jay-Z.

The enemies have since settled their differences, with Nas last month (JAN06) agreeing to release his records through Jay-Z's Def Jam label.

But the peace pact has attracted a barrage of criticism from high profile rappers including 50 Cent and Fat Joe, who have blasted the MADE YOU LOOK hitmaker as soft.

Nas retaliates, "That's small-minded. Me coming over to Def Jam, I'm bringing something to the table. I'm equivalent to any of the artists that are there. I'm ready to go - I'm ready to kick ass.

"The movement is bigger than what someone says about Nas for the moment. I've always had someone say something about me. I'm one of the most crucified artists in the game, thank you!

"This is what challenges me, what makes me go on. When people have negative things to say, it's all good."