The singer rapper Nas discovered has struck gold after landing Black Eyed Peas star WILL.I.AM and Babyface as producers on her first solo album. CHRISETTE MICHELE features on Nas' new single CAN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU and the song has turned her into hot property after years of singing behind top stars like JAY-Z. Her self-titled debut will be released this summer (07) and two of the hip-hop and R+B world's superproducers are helping Michele hit the high notes. And she tells MTV News that fans can expect a rich jazzy sound: "I listened to a lot of SARAH VAUGHAN coming up and I went to school for vocal and jazz performance, so I played the sax and played a lot of jazz instruments. That's my heart, that's my soul." And she was so inspired by Babyface's relationship with his son, Michele paid tribute to it on new song MY JOY. She explains, "Babyface pulled out his guitar and handed me a pencil and we just started writing. I asked him what he loves. He said his son, so I wrote My Joy about a daughter who loves her father."