During an appearance on HBO sports show Any Given Wednesday, the rapper was asked by host Bill Simmons what would he have done if he had a time machine that could travel back to 1995, when Tupac and Biggie's rivalry began.

Nas contemplated his answer for a few seconds, before telling Simmons he would stress to the pair just how important they were to the world.

"(I would) tell them about the impact they were going to have being dead. That the world was about to become a hip-hop planet, more than it was in '95. Now, it's global, more than it was then. And they were the leaders. And they were too important to us," Nas said on Wednesday (21Sep16).

He said his own rivalry with Jay Z was a "healthy rap rivalry", but explained that it did go too far. The rap titans were at each other's throats for more than a decade, but their rivalry ended in triumph with the pair reconciling and Nas signing to Jay Z's label Def Jam Records in 2006.

Reflecting on the battle with the music mogul, he acknowledged he was grateful things didn't go as far as the Tupac and Biggie rivalry. "Things can go too far. Things can get out of hand," Nas explained.

"We're expected to be leaders, especially coming from the communities we came from. You know, we gotta (sic) do better. It was up to us, we're responsible. These kids that are looking at us, our families... it's not just sex, drugs and rock and roll and nothing matters. It matters. We learn. I learnt from losing Biggie and 'Pac (Tupac), the greatest musicians I've ever seen," he added.

And host Simmons couldn't help but ask the hip-hop star about his opinion on the controversial Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. When asked if the real estate mogul would have been a different person if he had grown up in the Queensbridge Projects, a public housing complex in New York, rather than the affluent Queens district, Nas had a cheeky reply.

"You know, I still think he would be the a**hole that he is," the rapper quipped.