Rapper Nas almost turned his back on his solo career after teaming up with Damian Marley for a joint album last year (10), because he became so accustomed to having the reggae star around him all the time.
The I Can hitmaker spent two years working on Distant Relatives with Bob Marley's son and they hit the road for a series of concerts throughout 2010 to promote the collaborative project.
And Nas admits he grew comfortable having a companion with him on tour.
He tells MTV, "I been so caught up into me and (Marley's) thing that I started to get used to it (sic). Like, I didn't want to do the solo thing for a while."
But the hip-hop star is ready to return as a solo artist and has been working on his 10th studio album.
He says, "Me and D have just been doing our thing (sic), reaching millions of people, but it's that time (for a new solo project)."